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Santa is Moving to Las Vegas

Santa Strikes a Deal to Save "Santa Service"

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Henderson, NV (November 20, 2009) – Henderson, NV - Santa Claus plans to temporarily move his letter writing headquarters from the North Pole to the Las Vegas area this holiday season. The lure of warmer weather, and this week's decision by the U.S. Postal Service to suspend deliveries of letters to "Santa" at "The North Pole" prompted the relocation. Giftventure, creator of Magical Adventures letters starring popular characters, will offer a series of three personalized letters with a treasure hunt from Santa himself after striking an agreement with the Jolly Old Elf.

The Santa Claus Christmas Adventure stars Santa and his mischievous elves. The beautifully illustrated, poster-sized letters feature stories, games and puzzles created especially for the child. In the series of three letters, Santa asks the child to help figure out which elf took his very important Christmas list. When the child solves the final puzzle, it reveals the location of a hidden gift.

"Santa loves the Giftventure concept, since it turns any gift…big or small…into a memory that lasts a lifetime," said Steve Mock, Giftventure Founder and devoted uncle of three. "We also think the deal with Giftventure gave him a welcome chance to thaw out, he and the reindeer travelled to Nevada for all of our in-person meetings."

For parents who want to try the Giftventure experience before they buy, the company is offering one free Magical Adventure letter from a pirate, a fairy princess, a dragon or a unicorn through November 30. The free offer includes a story, puzzle and secret message personalized for the child. It's available at www.giftventure.com/free

The Giftventure Christmas Adventure, for ages 4-9, is available at www.giftventure.com for $14.95.

About Giftventure
Giftventure (www.giftventure.com) makes every gift magical with a one-of-a-kind personalized treasure hunt designed just for your child. Custom-created with details you provide, your child’s Giftventure arrives by mail as a series of three keepsake letters. A character you choose guides your child through an exciting, educational journey with personalized puzzles and games. The solutions eventually lead to your hidden gift. The brainchild of a devoted and entrepreneurial uncle, Giftventure makes your birthday, Christmas or special occasion gifts even more memorable by wrapping your gift in adventure.

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